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What Can I Do If I Didn’t Find the Service I’m Interested In?
What Can I Do If I Didn’t Find the Service I’m Interested In?

A short guide on how to create a service request.

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Have you been looking through our website, but couldn't find the specific service you need? We have created a Service request on our website just for that!

By creating a Service request you can send us the details about the boost you were looking for, so that we can make a custom order for you.

How to create a Service request

  1. Follow this link to start.

  2. Select the game for your service.

  3. Select the region (server) you play the game in.

  4. Fill in your Discord username or email.

  5. Describe the service you are looking for. The more details, the better!

  6. Click on "Send a request"

After everything is set, please join our Discord server using this link. If you don't have Discord our representatives will contact you through email.

After we receive your service request, we will contact you with a confirmation and will discuss the details with our boosters. It can take some time to see if we can complete your request, what would be the ETA and price. But we will of course aim to get back to you as soon as possible with more details! 🙂

You can also feel free to contact our Customer Service Team in any messengers or through our website if you have any questions. We work 24/7 and always happy to help!

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