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Dragonflight Group Loot System Changes
Dragonflight Group Loot System Changes

Main changes in the raid loot system in the pre-patch and upcoming Dragonflight expansion.

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For Dragonflight, Blizzard introduced a new Permanent loot system - Group loot.

Something similar to the Need/Greed system that existed in Classic but with improved logic.

β€’ The loot table will not be tied to classes present in the raid. For example, a bow can still drop from certain bosses even if there are no hunters in the raid.

β€’ After loot is generated from the boss, players can Need, Greed, or Pass for every piece of gear. However, it's only possible to Need for specific items, such as ilvl upgrades or off-spec items.

When rolls are placed, the system will first take Need rolls from players with a loot spec set for these items.

For example, you can still Need a healer trinket as an Elemental Shaman, but your roll will be considered by the system only after all other characters with "healer" as their main spec will choose Greed or Pass.

If no such rolls exist, all the remaining Need rolls will be considered.

Lastly, if there are no Need rolls at all, the item will be rolled equally with all players that chose the Greed option.

β€’ Worth to mention that you cannot roll Need for an item that your class cannot wear. For example, Paladins can only roll Greed for a Cloth piece of armor.

If you have any other questions considering the new loot system, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Team πŸ™‚ We will be happy to answer any questions or help find up-to-date Blue Posts from Blizzard.

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