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I Want to Get Better at WoW, Can You Help?
I Want to Get Better at WoW, Can You Help?

What to do if you want more than just a carry.

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Looking to improve in the game but unsure where to start? WowVendor game coaching is a perfect solution 😊

We have different options for those who are interested in learning game mechanics and getting better at the game.

Raid Coaching

Raid coaching is a perfect choice if you struggle with understanding the PvE aspect of the game.

During the run, your coach will help you understand tactics for specific bosses, explaining all mechanics through the guide.

Additionally, they will suggest improvements to your rotation and answer any questions about your gameplay.

There is also an option for an hourly consultation if you don't need raid tactics specifically!

This and many more you can find on the service page here.

PvP Arena coaching

If you're more of a PvP player in WoW, Arena coaching is the best choice for you.

On an Hourly rate, our coaches will play with you in the Ranking queue, explaining how different comps work, what would be the best setup for your class, and giving helpful comments about when and how to use your skills.

There are different options for lower and high ratings, as well as different brackets, which means you can even achieve prestige titles with our Gladiator rank players.

More about the service can be found here.

Our Portal

Last but not least, we have our Guides & News Blog.

This is something where you can learn what's coming soon in WoW, our thoughts about changes, and other game-related news.

The blog is not just about WoW. Other games can be found there too! This is helpful if you want to stay on top of changes for Destiny 2 or other variety of games we have.

Some helpful tools can also be found there, like Soul Ash or PvP calculators.

New posts are coming almost daily, so be sure to check them out!

You can get to our Guides & News Blog by following this link.

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