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What Is the Difference between Sherpa and Recovery
What Is the Difference between Sherpa and Recovery

A quick guide for two methods of completion of Destiny services.

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Almost every Destiny 2 service has 2 options to choose from: Sherpa and Recovery

β€’ Sherpa is a way to call an experienced booster, specifically popular in Destiny 2. Picking Sherpa as a completion method will get you to join the fireteam with our boosters, who will carry you through the activity.

β€’ Recovery is a way to call the 'account-sharing' option for Destiny 2. By picking this option, you will get a professional player assigned to your order, who will log onto your account, complete the run with all safety precautions, and pass it back to you to enjoy rewards from the service.

Those are two main differences between the listed completion methods. If you still have questions about any of them - feel free to contact our Customer Service Team anytime 😊

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