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World of Warcraft Lockouts Guide
World of Warcraft Lockouts Guide

A short instruction about how instances connected to the loot lockout in them

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Loot restrictions dictate how often your character can acquire items from bosses. These restrictions are mainly applicable to Raid bosses but also extend to Mythic and Heroic dungeons, and World bosses.

To view your current loot restrictions, press the 'O' key, navigate to the Raid tab, and select Raid Info at the top right. This will show your active restrictions and when they will refresh.

Over the years, the game has implemented various loot restriction systems that still operate simultaneously. Consider the raid sizes (10 / 25-player) and difficulties (LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic).

Instance-based Restrictions

  • Your raid group will share the same specific instance throughout the restriction period. If your group defeats a boss in your absence, you will not be able to challenge that boss until the restriction resets.

  • This type of restriction mainly impacts the oldest raids but includes all Mythic raids as well as Heroic and Mythic dungeons.

  • For example: Molten Core

Boss-based Restrictions

  • You can join different raid instances but cannot enter any where a boss you've defeated is still undefeated.

  • This applies across raid sizes and difficulties.

    • For instance: If you defeat Lord Marrowgar in a 10-player raid, you can’t enter another group’s raid where Lord Marrowgar is undefeated, regardless of it being 10 or 25-player, Normal or Heroic.

  • You can switch between Normal or Heroic difficulty for individual bosses.

    • Note: The final boss of each raid can only be challenged on Heroic difficulty if all previous bosses have been defeated on Heroic difficulty in that week.

  • This was the main restriction system from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion through the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

    • Example: Icecrown Citadel

Loot-based Restrictions

  • With this system, you can fight a boss multiple times but only receive loot once per reset period.

  • This is tracked per individual difficulty.

    • If you defeat Shriekwing on Normal, you can face him again on Heroic to obtain more loot.

  • Example: World Bosses, any Looking for Raid-difficulty

Timewalking Restrictions

  • Raids like The Black Temple, Ulduar, and Firelands are available in Timewalking difficulty during specific events. Timewalking has a separate restriction from the normal raids, allowing both to be completed in the same week.


  • Dungeons operate under an instance-based restriction

  • Normal dungeons can be reset anytime when the party is outside the instance and automatically reset after a specified duration.

  • Heroic dungeons reset daily.

    • These restrictions do not apply when joining random Heroic dungeons through the Group Finder, only when you attempt to queue for specific dungeons you’ve already completed.

  • Mythic dungeons reset weekly, but this does not affect Mythic Keystone dungeons.

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