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What to Expect after Purchasing a Mythic+ Boost?
What to Expect after Purchasing a Mythic+ Boost?

Here you can learn about your further steps after buying a mythic+ service.

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We have two kinds of Mythic+ boosts.

  1. Mythic+ on schedule.

    Some runs have a schedule attached to them. You can select a suitable time for you to start your order and our team of boosters will contact you in game at that time (ยฑ10 minutes) and will invite you to the group.

  2. Mythic+ without a schedule.

    If there is no schedule attached to the run, it will be completed within the ETA that you can find on the service page. Of course, we will try to complete your order as soon as possible, but the wait time will depend on our team's availability.

After you purchased a run with a schedule or without, please add us in Discord or contact on the website. Our Customer Service managers will reach out to you with your order details. You can also ask more about your run's start time at any time!

Note: You can see how to contact us in Discord in this article.

If you won't be online when the team is ready, our Customer Service manager will contact you through the same chat, where you received your order details.

When it's time for your key run, our team will first add you to friends in and will message you to make sure you are ready to go. If you are available the team will send you a group invite, and then summon you to the dungeon.

When the run has started please make sure to stay close to the team. If you'll get lost or lose your HP during the run, the team may finish the key without you and then help you get to the chest at the end. If you would like for the team to come back and resurrect you at all times please let our Customer Service know about it ahead of time.

Please make sure not to discuss anything that is related to boosting process in game chat.

Note: You can read more about which words to avoid in this article.

Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at any time before, during or after your run if you have any questions or concerns ๐Ÿ˜„

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