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What Is the Difference between WoW Raid Options?
What Is the Difference between WoW Raid Options?
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Here at WowVendor, we cater to all kinds of clients and their wishes.

When it comes to WoW raiding, there might be a number of goals you are pursuing — whether you need a simple run for your Great Vault or a run that will shower you with loot, we most likely have an option that covers your needs!

With the vast amount of different raid options available at WowVendor, it is easy to misunderstand what each option provides. This guide is here to make it easier for you!

Raid options

Standard Run

Standard Run needs no introduction; it is a simple raid clear where all the dropped loot is rolled for among the boosties.

This type of run does not provide any guarantees, except that you will definitely get three items in your Weekly Great Vault, of which you can choose one.

🔍 Some of the boosters may have a loot-lockout when running a Standard Run.

Advanced Run

Advanced Run features new perks - Armor-type and Guaranteed Loot. Armor-type reservation means there will be no other boostie in the group with the same armor-type as you.

For example, if you are an Evoker, there will be no Hunters or Shamans in the group. The only types of loot that will be rolled upon dropping are weapons, tier tokens, and accessories (rings, necklaces, trinkets, and cloaks).

Guaranteed Loot refers to the loot received inside the raid. You will still get another piece of loot from your Weekly Great Vault on top of guaranteed loot from the raid. It is possible for you to get even more loot than initially guaranteed by sheer luck as long as it is fit for your class/spec.

Important: All armor dropped that is suitable for your spec counts toward the guarantee, whether it is an upgrade for you or not, even if you haven't rolled for it.

Please don't forget to roll for all the items you can so you won't miss them!

Weapons, tier tokens, and accessories that are suitable for your main specialization count toward the guarantee if you get the drop in your inventory, be it through “needing”, “greeding”, receiving it for transmogrification purposes, or being traded the aforementioned items.

🔍 Some of the boosters may have a loot-lockout.

Premium Run

Premium Run is essentially the same as the Advanced Run, but with a benefit of an increased guarantee. The exact amount depends on the Raid, but usually, a Premium Run provides twice the amount of guaranteed loot when compared to the Advanced Run.

🔍 Some of the boosters may have a loot-lockout.

Deluxe Run

Deluxe Run is a step above the Premium Run, because of the fact that Deluxe Run boosters will never have a loot lockout on them. Bosses will always drop the maximum amount of loot upon defeat, depending on the option.

There are 3 options within the Deluxe run: Standard, Advanced, and Premium.

  1. Standard Deluxe offers 10 Fresh-CD boosters, Armor type reservation, and at least 3 items guaranteed.

  2. Advanced Deluxe offers 20 Fresh-CD boosters. On top of Armor-type Reservation it also includes Tier-Token reservation, meaning that there will be no competition on both Armor-type and Tokens for your class. You are guaranteed to receive at least 5 items.

  3. Premium Deluxe offers 26 Fresh-CD boosters, Armor-type and Tier-Token Reservation, and at least 6 items guaranteed.

The maximum amount of loot per boss is dependent on party size, therefore, the Deluxe Run has a selectable amount of boosters you want to accompany you. With 26 boosters, every boss will drop 5 items, making it one of the most rewarding experiences WowVendor has to offer.

Competition-Free Run

Competition-Free Run is an additional option available for all Advanced, Premium, and Deluxe Raid runs and a few other select services.

True to its namesake, this Raid Run type eliminates all competition from the raid and makes you the only boostie in the group. You will be able to get all the loot your class can use from the raid!

Raid run with this option inherits loot guarantee from the Raid type it’s been applied to, however, usually, our clients surpass the guarantee by a large number of items with this additional option active.

Important: All items dropped that are suitable for your main spec count toward the guarantee, whether it is an upgrade for you or not, even if you haven't rolled for it.

You will be the only customer who can use these items (only for your main spec), therefore they will go to your guaranteed amount of loot.
Please don't forget to roll for all the items you can so you won't miss them!

Regarding Guaranteed Loot

Sometimes, due to bad luck, a loot guarantee may not be fulfilled within one run. If that happens, you will be issued an additional run where your guarantee will be met. Click this link to learn more about additional runs, their terms and conditions.

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